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Whether you represent a developer, builder, HOA, broker or are an independent real estate agent; PCR can help promote your community.

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“It slipped my mind to write up a quick testimony of the great results we have had with our business partnership, but I was quickly reminded of how valuable your services are when we had a prospect call in who found us on your site. This gentleman felt as if he had enough information just from your website to ask for a reservation on a premium homesite, SITE UNSEEN! He said he had spent days and hours researching and knew we were the right match for based on what he saw on YOUR site. The client was a cash buyer and moved toward a contract within 30 days. We are THRILLED, as time and time again we have highly qualified prospects find us on the web due to your amazing SEO and never-slip-through-the-cracks tracking systems. Thanks again for delivering another amazing family to our community!”
– Sarah Speier, Marketing Director, Cullowhee River Club

“We’ve been working with Private Communities for 11 years straight. Like most marketing programs in communities like ours, every year we carefully analyze the performance of every vendor, service and lead generator to ensure we are investing in sources that work. In terms of lead quality, cost per lead, and ultimate performance of leads into sales, we have seen results. Private Communities has been a consistent performer for us and we expect to continue our relationship in 2018 and beyond.”
– Chris England, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Hampton Lake

“We have enjoyed a great relationship with PrivateCommunities.com for several years and we continue to include them as an integral part of our overall marketing budget and plan. The volume of leads has been consistent, and the cost-per-lead makes this one of our best performers. We just made a sale today in fact from a lead that inquired just a few weeks ago. The lead flow comes in on a regular basis, so it creates positive momentum in our office and the quality of the leads is on par with some of our best programs. This is a must-have lead generating program for any community that is looking for a good mix of quality and volume.”
– Jim Matoska, Principal, Red Earth Corporation

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