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Are you feeding your sales leads into your CRM software?

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If not, you should be. By setting up a lead feed system, you can automatically import sales leads into your CRM (customer relationship management) software, such as SmartTouch, BrightDoor, Focus 3, Lasso, TopBuilder Solutions, Salesforce and more.

What is the benefit of a lead feed?
No-one in your office has to manually input sales lead data, your sales team will have instant access to lead information, and new leads can be added to your automated drip campaign, allowing your team to act faster. The longer you wait to connect with the individual inquiring about your community (aka sales lead), the probability of engaging with them decreases.

Research conducted by SmartTouch shows that contacting a lead within 10 minutes has a 98% probability of engaging in conversation. After 24 hours, there is less than a 50% probability and after 48 hours, it drops to 5%.

How does a lead feed work?
Once a sales lead is generated from a form submission on your website, the information provided by your prospect automatically imports into your CRM software. Depending on the information your form asks for, this may include contact info, user comments, demographic data and lead source. All you have to do is have your technical person set up the feed in your CRM software.

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