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Enhance Your Marketing Efforts, Drive Sales, and Validate Your Results with Relocation Data and Mapping Software

Published on February 24, 2020

According to PCR’s recent survey of homebuyers and renters seeking lifestyle communities, 76% of respondents are considering relocating out of state, while just 10% plan to move to a new neighborhood in their current state. 

Whether they choose to stay close to home and remain near family, or move across state lines in favor of better weather, increased affordability, and lower taxes, 1 out of every 4 users will relocate after finding a community on PCR’s website. 

How do we know this?

Because PCR uses the National Change of Address (NCOA) to confirm relocations. By regularly processing our database of contacts through NCOA, we can plot relocations and use the data to demonstrate the proven results produced for our community partners.  

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The Value of Tracking Relocations in Your Database

Lifestyle community relocations

Sure, the software is an easy way for PCR to justify its effectiveness, but what can lifestyle community builders, developers, and marketers do with it? Turns out, plenty. 

Consider this scenario…

Bob from Colorado is tired of the cold and snowy winters. He begins searching for communities in Scottsdale, AZ, one of which is yours. Bob enters your pipeline and receives sales and marketing communication for several months. He doesn’t convert, though. Eighteen months later he makes his move…he’s in Arizona! But it’s not your community. It’s a competitor down the road. What gives, Bob? 

On the surface, it may seem like a bummer, but is there value in knowing that your prospects ended up purchasing elsewhere? Absolutely. 

Maybe it was a neighboring community, or perhaps they ended up staying close to their current home. Whatever the case, having that kind of intel can be critical in measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Who among your pipeline is relocating, and where are they going?

If you can answer those key questions, you’re in prime position to validate, benchmark, and adjust to ensure you outshine your competition. 

And it’s only with relocation data that the leads in your pipeline can be tracked and analyzed with such pinpoint accuracy.

Now That You Know They Relocated, Let’s Map the Data

Lifestyle communities spend a lot of time and resources developing their pipelines, that’s a given. But are they taking it far enough?

Getting the relocation information from NCOA is just the first step. If you really want to see your data come to life, mapping relocation software can help you visualize everything in a whole new way.

Here’s how it works:

  • Potential buyers research your community. They like what they see and provide information (including their current address) through a contact form.  
  • You regularly (say, every quarter) run all your active leads through NCOA.
  • After scanning and confirming the information, everyone in your database with a new/updated address is returned to you in a spreadsheet.
  • This information can then be processed by mapping relocation software which produces a visually-appealing, easy-to-digest map of who relocated, and where they went. 
Florida relocations
Relocation data mapped by state.
Florida community relocation mapping data
Relocation data zeroing in on region/specific community.

See Your Data in a Whole New Way

For lifestyle community sales and marketing teams, this is gold. A visual and eye-opening representation of your data—and proof that your pipeline is full of potential buyers showing intent, willing to relocate.

In our crowded and competitive industry, marketing attribution is paramount, and relocation data used in combination with mapping software is a sure-fire way to see how many of your leads were really interested in making a move—helping builders, developers, real estate ad agencies, and community sales teams develop and substantiate their marketing plans. 

Want to see if motivated homebuyers are moving to your area? With advanced relocation data and mapping software, PCR can create a customized relocation report for your market. Get your free report today!

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