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Day: June 23, 2020

Private Communities has been an excellent source for us to attract leads on people who are seeking to live in waterfront communities in South Carolina. We have received inquiries from people all over the United States and many of our homeowners came to us via the PCR website and the newsletters they send out. The really important aspect for us has been the quality of the leads, as they are almost always legitimately searching for a new home with the economic ability to afford to buy the price range of homes we sell and build.

mccords ferry at lake marion
Director of Development & Construction
McCord’s Ferry at Lake Marion

We appreciate all you and your team have done over the years. PCR has always been an important partner in Woodside’s marketing efforts. PCR has consistently and nimbly worked with our team to provide highly qualified leads.

President/Administration, BIC

It was wonderful working with you and as you know the e-blast drove a ton of leads. If we had another relevant client I would definitely reach out to you. Thanks again for the partnership!

Dalton Agency
SVP, Paid Media
Dalton Agency

Private Communities has become a top performing digital source for our South Carolina division since we incorporated the websites offering as part of our digital plan in 2021. Being able to turn to a source that aims to specifically reach an audience looking for an age restricted, amenity rich community has been a game changer for us when we’re putting together marketing plans for our Four Seasons 55+ communities here at K. Hovnanian. Not only in our South Carolina region, but across other regions here on the east coast where we build 55+ communities. The newsletter sends have been a unique way to reach their subscribers with specific & unique messaging to an audience that’s interested and ready to act. This has resulted in big boosts of traffic, interest & digital leads. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Private Communities and incorporating their offering into more of our digital marketing plans for more of our communities!

k hovnanian
Digital Marketing Analyst
K. Hovnanian Companies, LLC

We have enjoyed a great relationship with PCR for several years and we continue to include them as an integral part of our overall marketing budget and plan. The volume of leads has been consistent, and the cost-per-lead makes this one of our best performers. We just made a sale today in fact from a lead that inquired just a few weeks ago. The lead flow comes in on a regular basis, so it creates positive momentum in our office and the quality of the leads is on par with some of our best programs. This is a must-have lead generating program for any community that is looking for a good mix of quality and volume.

red earth
Red Earth Corporation

We have found Private Communities to be a consistent, reliable partner for many years. They offer a responsive and engaged clientele and are a great team to work with.

Neal Communities
Marketing Manager
Neal Communities

I have been very pleased with the number and quality of leads generated by PCR through both their website and email blast campaigns. These leads have generated numerous contracts which in turn pays for the marketing. I currently have 4 communities that we market through PCR and have another coming online soon as site development finishes and sales begin. We will be renewing these communities to continue the pipeline of sales. Alex Miklo is awesome to work with and their IT Director, Rob Weimer, went above and beyond in helping us set up the API to integrate the incoming leads directly into our CRM software. It’s a pleasure to work with true professionals like the team at PCR.

orlando realty solutions
Licensed Broker / Owner / Realtor / Property Manager
Orlando Realty Solutions, LLC

Trilogy® homebuyers are searching for the best place to make new friends, explore new passions and experience a true community. Private Communities’ partnership and website has effectively helped many home shoppers across the country find Trilogy 55-plus and resort communities so they can plan their next chapter. Private Communities provides an excellent quality of service as a lead and traffic generation tool for our business.

trilogy by shea homes
Regional Marketing Coordinator
Trilogy by Shea Homes

We are very happy with the performance of our community showcase on PCR. I can confirm that a privatecommunities.com lead that came through only 4 months ago just solidified their contract for a home over $2.6 million in Mediterra. Yay!! Good news!

london bay
Marketing Manager
London Bay Homes

We’ve found that buyers intent on doing their own research for a private, amenity-rich community are the ones that visit PCR. We call them “educated buyers.” They come to a property with a tremendous amount of knowledge and familiarity from the very beginning. The educated buyer has changed the sales cycle. By using a listing on PCR, we are providing these buyers with a third-party informational resource while allowing us to control and/or provide the appropriate and consistent brand messaging for our clients.

maximum design
Maximum Design

We’ve been working with PCR for 11 years straight. Like most marketing programs in communities like ours, every year we carefully analyze the performance of every vendor, service and lead generator to ensure we are investing in sources that work. In terms of lead quality, cost per lead, and ultimate performance of leads into sales, we have seen results. PCR has been a consistent performer for us and we expect to continue our relationship in 2018 and beyond.

Hampton Lake
VP of Sales & Marketing
Hampton Lake

I shared the PCR 2021 Survey with our Bay Club associates and as always find your data summaries creative and comprehensible not to mention useful. We find your survey results track very closely with our experience and given we are mostly sales > $750k, it is no wonder year in and out, sales volumes were very low. This year, however, everything is selling even higher priced properties and sales volume is off the chart (best year since inception in 2004). Also, our PvtCom traffic seems up which is the best news, so keep up the great work.

bay club logo
Director of Sales and Membership
Bay Club at Mattapoisett