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How to Stretch Your Private Club Video Budget Further with Zero Waste

Published on December 8, 2020

By: Kathy Heil, Partner, StoryTeller Media + Communications

When it comes to attracting buyers, enticing prospective members, and raising community awareness, video is arguably the most powerful and persuasive medium private club marketers have at their disposal today. Video sets you apart from your competitors and helps prospective buyers fall in love with your community.

But actually creating marketing videos for your community comes with a lot of questions. One of the first you’ll ask is “How can we squeeze more out of our marketing budget”? Luckily, smart video production can help you create a content-rich library for your private community without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

Make These Videos to Maximize Your Video Marketing Budget

To answer that, it’s important to know how you want to use video in your marketing and create a promotional strategy. For example, will you use the videos on specific web pages to give your site an SEO boost? Or as part of a social media campaign to drive increased conversion? Are you looking to enhance your email campaigns with short videos? Ideally, the answer is “all of the above,” but maybe your marketing budget can’t flex quite that much.

That’s why we always recommend starting “with the end in mind:” Know what you want to achieve – like how many videos you want to support your marketing goals – and work backward from there. Get familiar with the video production process, and you can create a plan that can deliver several videos from a one or two day shoot.

A private community overview video is a great place to start. You can capture a viewer’s attention on your homepage, instantly connecting visitors with the sights, sounds, and faces that make up your community – all your unique differentiators and key messages in one place.

Each of your key messages in your overview video can be further developed into individual videos explaining your unique differentiators using the same spokespeople who were featured in your primary overview video. These shorter videos are ideal for landing pages, emails, or social campaigns.

You can even take it a step further, using the same characters featured in your primary video, answer some of your most frequently asked questions that come up in your sales process or create a profile video of your top real estate agents. Arming your sales team with video resources can go a long way in shortening the sales process.

2020 has brought many challenges to private communities who have historically relied on in-person visits to facilitate the sales process. While we hope social distancing will be in the rearview mirror soon, what will remain is the need to access information online from wherever we are and from any device.

There’s no substitute for experiencing your community firsthand – but video is the next best thing. By spending a little extra time and effort in the planning phase, you will walk away from a video shoot with more ways to separate yourself from the crowd.

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