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Early Birds Get The Worm: Creating a Community Identity at the Onset of a Project

Published on March 15, 2023

By April LaMon, CEO and Co-Founder of Alosant and host of Alosant Innovator Series

As the old proverb goes…the early bird gets the worm. This concept emphasizes the importance of starting something early to maximize the potential outcome. Creating a community identity at the onset of a project allows developers to better articulate their brand vision and attract the right buyers from the start—turning prospects into brand loyalists and building an engaged resident community over time.

Alosant powers apps for over 80 of the fastest-growing master-planned communities across the country, and the real estate developers with whom we work are always looking for ways to provide a richer, more engaging experience—often before even staffing the sales center or opening amenities.

As a next generation PropTech leader, we often advise clients on the importance of integrating a branded, mobile app into their marketing mix from the initial launch of their project. By prioritizing highly personalized communication tools when crafting a community identity, developers create a sense of place before construction has even begun, let alone completed.

Our client Allen Jones, principal of MA Partners—the developer behind Elevon in Lavon, Texas agrees. “A well-defined brand can help build a sense of community among residents by fostering a shared identity and promoting a sense of belonging,” he said. “This can be achieved through events, marketing and technology that highlight the community’s values, goals and lifestyle.”

Branded mobile apps allow developers to differentiate themselves from competitors and share their unique vision in tandem with their marketing campaigns. The result? Time and again…this forward-thinking approach to prospecting pays dividends and drives sales.

A well-defined brand can help build a sense of community among residents by fostering a shared identity and promoting a sense of belonging.

Allen Jones, principal of MA Partners

But what happens after deposits have been made?

For many, purchasing a home is both exciting and nerve-wracking. According to Jones, buyers often ask themselves, “Am I making the right decision?” It’s the developer’s responsibility to remind the buyer of why they made this major life choice. “The key to reinforcing that decision is intentional communication about our amenities and lifestyle,” said Jones.

At Elevon, MA Partners’ goal is to create harmony as part of the brand identity and highlight the community’s eight-plus miles of walkable trails connecting its amenities, technologically advanced elements, robust lifestyle programs and seasonal events. Zachary Gauldin, Project Coordinator for MA Partners says, “The Elevon app allows us to connect what were once independent elements into a cohesive presentation that easily engages homeowners and creates an immersive experience that will continue to evolve as the community grows and welcomes new residents.”

Elevon’s Alosant-powered app has also been a key marketing tool.

“When working with MA Partners to develop a memorable brand for Elevon, we leveraged their strong vision and innovative ideas while capitalizing on the area’s natural surroundings to create messaging that represents a truly elevated lifestyle,” said Ana Blanton, senior partner of Anderson Hanson Blanton, a Texas-based marketing and advertising agency.

Offering “Everything in One Place,” Alosant-powered software solutions are designed and configured to best suit each community’s unique needs. This technology along with a clear vision and purposeful placemaking from the very beginning of a project are the key pillars to catching the worm—building a valuable community identity and a place where buyers will call home for years to come.

April LaMon, CEO and Co-Founder of Alosant, is an experienced entrepreneur and real estate technology expert with an innate curiosity for consumer behavior. Together with Co-Founder Michael Swanson, the duo has pioneered the creation and growth of the purpose-built software solution that provides “everything in one place.” The mobile-first technology seamlessly connects real estate developers and their communities with residents, prospective home buyers, and local businesses. LaMon is host of Alosant Innovator Series, a podcast featuring one-on-one conversations with a diverse group of forward-thinking and well-respected leaders in real estate development, PropTech, lifestyle marketing, and more.

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