Who visits PrivateCommunities.com?

Consumers visit the site to compare master-planned lifestyle communities for their primary or vacation home, retirement or investment property. Initially, the primary interest is location, lifestyle and amenities. The focus of PrivateCommunities.com is to provide the community information required by this market.


  • Age Targeted Audience
    • 19% ages 45-54
    • 31% ages 55-64
    • 25% ages 65+
  • 54% female / 46% male
  • 88% of visitors surveyed plan to purchase in a master-planned, lifestyle community*
  • 77% plan to purchase within two years*
  • Demographic profiles of sales leads by license with Claritas PRIZM

Visitor Traffic

  • 3.8+ million yearly page views
  • 960,000+ yearly visits
  • 85% of visitors are new (continually new audience)

Cross Platform

  • 45% Desktop
  • 55% Mobile or Tablet
    • iOS – 72%
    • Android – 26%

Visitor Acquisition

  • 61% – Organic Search
  • 17% – Paid Search
  • 14% – Direct
  • 4% – Email
  • 3% – Referral

We’ve found that buyers intent on doing their own research for a private, amenity-rich community are the ones that visit PrivateCommunities.com. We call them “educated buyers.” They come to a property with a tremendous amount of knowledge and familiarity from the very beginning. The educated buyer has changed the sales cycle. By using a listing on PrivateCommunities.com, we are providing these buyers with a third-party informational resource while allowing us to control and/or provide the appropriate and consistent brand messaging for our clients.

– Kelly Burnette, Maximum Design

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