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Worthington: Watch Your CRM Interactions

Published on February 1, 2015

Several effective and preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can be found under B2B Resources on Community Sales & Marketing News. All CRM systems can help sell new and existing homes in master-planned communities. They collect useful information, but how marketers and sales people use it makes all the difference.

CEO Michael Worthington of North Carolina-based brightdoor Systems, Inc., took a few minutes to share his observations:

  • Capture all relevant interactions at the top of the funnel. When prospective buyers are seeking information it is a good time to begin qualifying them and keep watching the process.
  • Solid sales and marketing decisions depend on being familiar with how A, B, and C prospects transition and what will make them move through the sales funnel more quickly. Having technology that captures information throughout the process is the key. From site visits to follow-up emails and phone calls, buyers are offering clues about their intentions.
  • What he calls destination or master-planned communities, even those where builders have left the process, are successful when they have continuity in their resale process that carries over and a good CRM system remains relevant to whomever will sell homes at that community going forward.

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