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2018 Survey of Homebuyers & Renters Researching Lifestyle Communities

This report contains an analysis of results from the 2018 Survey of Homebuyers & Renters Researching Lifestyle Communities. Responses were gathered from visitors to PrivateCommunities.com, the web address for PCR (Private Communities Registry). PCR is the trusted online resource for people interested in amenity-rich, master-planned lifestyle communities. The website’s visitors largely consist of retirees and pre-retirees.

The report aims to identify the behavior, motivations, and financial situations of people interested in buying or renting in a master-planned community. The findings and implications of this survey are of relevance to professionals engaged in the planning, development, and marketing of master-planned communities.

The results analysis includes answers from all respondents who took the survey in the period from March 21 through April 5, 2018. A total of 3,262 responses to the survey were received during this period of time.

The data collected from PCR’s generated sales leads affords a precise glimpse into the shopping patterns of prospective buyers and renters. The goal is to put some of this unique data into context for better understanding and utilization of these shopping patterns.

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