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Immersive Marketing for Real Estate and Master-Planned Communities

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There are emerging technology companies that provide immersive products such as 3D ground tours of homes, however these are only fixed on showing the actual home, not the community. What if there were services out there that did both? An all-in-one immersive experience?

SKYNAV provides a seamless experience from the sky, to the ground, right into the home—bringing mixed reality into the buying process by using VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), 3D objects and a host of digital assets into the experience.

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“How do you cover 4,400 acres of amenities, points of interest in different locations in 3D? When I saw SKYNAV, I essentially had an answer to that staring back at me from my screen.”—Raoul Rushin, President, The Landings Company

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SKYNAV’s 3D virtual experience will increase home sales conversions.

  • Immerse your visitors completely with high-quality 3D, 360 imagery within an interactive map.
  • Allow visitors to watch your entire video collection within the tour, giving them spatial perspective.
  • Visitors can switch back and forth between aerial and ground views.
  • Visitors can view your models, model rows and fly right into the home from the sky, or the ground.
  • Visitors can view your amenities and fly right into them from the sky, or the ground.
  • Viewers can experience tours on any desktop, mobile device and in virtual reality (requires no downloadable app).

“SKYNAV solves a major issue of site visitors understanding proximity to neighborhoods, amenities, and nearby cities, while enticing potential homebuyers to come for a visit…this 3D technology will create more home sales”—Amy Dooley, Marketing Manager at Lennar.

Captivate Buyers with Sky-To-Ground 360° 3D Tours

Join these communities and see what SKYNAV can do for you. Book a demo today!

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“We have more showings booked as a result of SKYNAV, and it’s only been live for 4 weeks”—Dan Kingsbury, VP Sales & Marketing, St. James Plantation