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Put Your Lifestyle Community on the Map

Consumers need a sense of place—and Xplorer from Cecilian Partners is the most interactive, immersive map experience available. It allows consumers to understand, visualize, and get excited about a community—whether it’s fully built out or still at dirt.

Cecilian Xplorer Software

The Xplorer Software Offers:

  • Interactive Maps. Xplorer uses the Mapbox platform that allows for near-infinite customization, including colors, shapes, full interactivity, and much more—all in a package that’s fast and responsive on all platforms customers use.
  • Points of Interest. We work with clients to tell a story. Custom points of interest that illustrate what makes a community special without overwhelming consumers with too much information.
  • 3D Buildings & Assets. Communities aren’t flat, so Xplorer brings them to life with custom 3D buildings that add depth and realism to the map experience.
  • Photos & Rich Media. Give consumers the ability to explore incredible photography, virtual tours, Google Street View, satellite maps, and driving directions right on the map, tailored to tell the story of the community.

Are you ready to transform your community’s home buying experience?

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Lakewood Ranch’s Community Xplorer Map Wins Gold Award

“Lakewood Ranch was looking for a way to show prospects everything the community has to offer, without them having to be at The Ranch in person. (The Xplorer software) was something we were searching for pre-pandemic, but the pandemic changed consumer behavior and it became an even more important tool than we could’ve imagined.”

Rachel Gray, Marketing Manager, Lakewood Ranch Communities

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