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Deliver a Better Home Buying Experience with NoviHome

Published on July 7, 2022

Thanks to longer wait times and higher prices, buyers are demanding a better customer experience.

With NoviHome, you can know exactly what your buyers are thinking.

NoviHome mobile app

Elevate the Buyer Experience

In your custom-built app, leads can view all of your marketing material, keeping them interested in your brand while they wait. Agents can use NoviHome to send photos and updates while their homes are being built.

Engage Leads and Track Buyers’ Needs

NoviHome automatically captures leads from sources like Zillow, model homes, digital ads, and outside sales partners and puts them in one place. View leads’ activity on your app to personalize every interaction.

Send Progress Updates & Chat

Use NoviHome to send progress photos and videos straight to the buyers phones. Our new Chat features give you the ability to communicate effectively with your buyers, as well as keep a detailed history throughout the entire buying and building process.

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